• Deco pathways combined with carefully positioned oversized boulders provide the perfect backdrop for a mix of succulent plants

Toowoomba Contemporary Arid Garden


The property is 2,470 sq metres overlooking a magnificent 360-degree view. Situated in an area renowned for its immaculate formal gardens, seasonal plant selection and manicured lawns we were asked to design a low maintenance, arid garden with no turf.

Whilst challenging, the clients complete resign to create a lasting testament to good design with both house & garden provided the perfect environment to work outside the usual parameters and the opportunity to experiment with plant & material selection.

The clients choice of a local landscaper who they had worked with before and who excelled in the execution of our design completed the mix.

Throughout the entire design & construction of the garden the client valued our input & interacted with images of plants & materials they had personally selected.

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